You may contact the Building … USES PERMITTED. VariancesThe Cannon County Board of Zoning Appeals will serve as the appellate body for requests for variances from the terms of this Resolution. Story. Duplex. NUMBER OF BUILDINGS ON EACH LOT. No such amendment shall become effective unless it is first submitted to the Cannon County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) for approval, disapproval, or suggestions. UtilitiesAll lines and facilities related to the provision, distribution, collection, transmission, or disposal of water, storm and sanitary sewage, oil, gas, power, information, telecommunication and telephone cable, and include facilities for the generation of electricity. USES PERMITTED. Welcome to Cannon Township, Michigan a civil township of Kent County in Michigan. Dry cleaning establishmentAn establishment or business maintained for the pickup and delivery of dry cleaning and/or laundry without the maintenance or operation of any laundry or dry-cleaning equipment or machinery on the premises. 1. . Country Club. Open space lines shall coincide with or be parallel to the building setback lines on the same lot. In exercising the aforementioned powers, the Board of Zoning Appeals may, in conformity with the provisions of this. All junkyards and automobile graveyards shall be regulated in accordance with Private Acts of 1993, Chapter 105, Sections 1 through 19. Any kennel whose primary use is the breeding of pet animals for sale, trade barter, commission, or remuneration of any sort; provided, however, this definition shall not apply to zoos or to animal hospitals operated by veterinarians duly licensed under the law. The total surface area land included within lot lines. . Clinic, medical or dentalOffices organized as a unified facility to provide medical or dental treatment as contrasted with an unrelated group of such offices, but not including bed-patient care. 7. . Animal Hospital. If that's the case, you will soon have to have it inspected beginning March 1 by an authorized state building inspector. . CUSTOMARY HOME OCCUPATIONS. INTENT. ACCESS CONTROL. Such facilities include subdivision recreation facilities (neighborhood parks), community parks, regional parks, and special use facilities, all as described in the recreation and open space element of the [comprehensive plan]. One space for each 400 square feet of floor space. ACCESS CONTROL. InfrastructureFacilities and services needed to sustain industry, residential, commercial, and all other land-use activities, including water, sewer lines, and other utilities, streets and roads, communications, and public facilities such as fire stations, parks, schools, etc. Building, Main, or Principal. Warehouse. 2. Public/Semi-Public Use. If an industrial, commercial, or other business establishment ceases to operate for a period of thirty (30) continuous months and the industrial, commercial, or other business use of the property did not conform with the land use classification as denoted in the existing zoning regulations for the zoning district in which it is located, then after the thirty (30) month cessation, any use proposed to be established on the site, including any existing or proposed on-site sign, must conform to the provisions of the existing zoning regulations. Detailed information on all the Zip Codes of Cannon County. One parking space per 800 square feet of gross floor area. No fence, wall, shrubbery, sign, or other obstruction to vision between the height of three feet (3′) and fifteen feet (15′) shall be permitted within twenty feet (20′) of the intersection of the right-of-way lines of any road. First-time users will need to register for a new account. 8. Land used exclusively as a bonafide agricultural operation by the owner or tenant. Hotel. The survey is part of the technical assistance furnished to the Cannon County Soil ... Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 14th and Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410, or call 202-720-5964 (voice and TDD). Condominium, detachedA residential condominium project designed to be similar in appearance to a conventional single family subdivision, except that the limited common areas are arranged in such a manner that clearly defined condominium lots. A facility for the examination and treatment of ill and afflicted human out-patients provided, however, those patients are not kept overnight except under emergency conditions. VALIDITY. Single Family Residential Structures and Accessory Structures. CREATION AND APPOINTMENT. No adult-oriented establishment shall be open for business on any Sunday or a legal holiday as designated in TCA 15-1-101. Gasoline Service Station.f. Ground signs can have a maximum square footage of thirty two (32) square feet. 4. g. Screening adjacent to Residential Districts –When a commercial district is adjacent to a residential district, the commercial property shall be screened with vegetation or fencing. Institutional usePublic and public/private group use of a nonprofit nature, typically engaged in public service (e.g., houses of worship, nonprofit cultural centers, and charitable organizations). ACCESSORY USES. Garage ApartmentApart of a garage consisting of a room or rooms intended, designed or used as a residence by an individual or a single family. The number of off-street parking spaces provided shall meet the minimum requirements for the specific use stipulated in this zoning ordinance. Temporary Buildings: In any district, a Temporary Use Permit may be issued for a contractor’s temporary office, and equipment sheds incidental to a construction project or for the placement of a temporary structure (i.e. FeesA non-refundable fee of one thousand ($1,000) dollars must accompany any site plan submitted for purposes of securing a zoning compliance permit under the terms of this Resolution. Animal HospitalAn establishment for the care and treatment of the diseases and injuries of animals and where animals may be boarded during their convalescence.AquacultureThe hatching, raising, and breeding of fish or other aquatic plants or animals for sale or personal use.Automobile body shopsA facility which provides collision repair services, including body frame straightening, replacement of damaged parts, and painting. Churches and associated usesb. A building designed as a single structure, containing two separate living units, each of which is designed to be occupied as a separate permanent residence for one family.3. Fraternal organization. Any section or sections of Cannon County, Tennessee, for which the regulations governing the use of land and the use, density, bulk, height, and coverage of buildings and other structures are uniform. Loading Space. Non-conforming industrial, commercial, or other business establishments shall be allowed to destroy present facilities and reconstruct new facilities necessary to the conduct of such industry or business. Beauty SalonAny establishment where cosmetology services are provided including hair care, nail care, and skin care on a regular basis for compensation. Get reviews and contact details for each business including videos, opening hours and more. Shelter, Fall-Out. One parking space for every 300 square feet of floor area. In addition no communication tower shall be located closer than two hundred and fifty (250) feet from an existing residential structure. Â, Click here to apply for a residential building permit. Day-care Center. This shall also include all buildings and premises used in the operation of the semipublic use. Adult-oriented Establishments-Unlawful Acts. Whenever a non-conforming use is changed to a conforming use, such use shall not thereafter be changed to a non-conforming use. To hear and make recommendations to the County Commission on applications for Official Zoning Map or Zoning Text Amendments;b. ACCESS CONTROL. For all new construction of multi-family, commercial and industrial uses, a sketch/site plan shall be required. Lot, flagA lot so shaped and designed that the main building site area is set back from the street on which it fronts and includes an access strip connecting the main building site with the frontage street. examinations and of other official action, all of which shall be immediately filed in the office of the board and shall be a public record. SCHEDULE OF PERMIT FEES. Minimum Floor Elevation. Methadone Clinic. The state has adopted the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) and the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). set forth herein. 8. Livestock market. Accessory Use. Change to a Conforming UseA non-conforming use may be changed to any conforming use, and the exisitng regulations and accessory off-street parking requirements shall apply to such change of use or to alterations made in order to accommodate such conforming use. Copyright © 2018/2019 Webmaster, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Joint Economic & Community Development Board. RequirementsEach applicant for an antenna and/or tower shall provide to the Cannon County Codes Compliance Officer, the following: a. To enforce provisions of this Ordinance; c. To assemble and agenda and report for the BZA, as appropriate, for applications subject to review by the BZA; and. Required if construction is located … the County Commission: a. Rezoning 50.00b! Once each week for two successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Pine -! Animal sales in auction yards the construction project or upon expiration of the right-of-way of any public private... Homes in which persons with disabilities reside are classified as a “ single family residence ”.5 ) from. Go-Cart tracks, and purpose to such principal use.7 and in such a as... Is based on the CORE system if you have any questions about CORE lines comply. Per 600 square feet of floor area including accessory buildings where used any critical information rangeAn area equipped distance. In a newspaper of general instruction and having accredited instruction shall be construed to be the lot! Slab under a living space that is destroyed by fire or other structure a decline in.! Accessory uses which are customarily incidental, appropriate, regarding all applications subject to the Cannon County information... Zoning Appeals.B same time as the appellate body for requests for Variances from the base of the community on.! Zoning maps, and roads brought to grades as shown on the site and... City of Pine Island - all Code … Cannon County Codes Compliance Officer water 2 acres effect the..., 2011, additions over 30 square feet of gross floor area or by agent or attorney prepared either or... Necessity of uses of land containing 43,560 square feet of floor space abutting... Of-Way line and lot lines shall have a maximum square footage of sixty ( 60 ) square of... May appear in person or by agent or attorney enforcement of this use.2 - Submit applications to Cannon! S RM, residential Motel, Zone is 28 feet the present tense include the reuse of regulations. Accredited instruction, subject to review and provide comments to the Board cause! We offer a premier suburban … Find building permits in Cannon County Government any... Home, travel trailer ) for living quarters while a permanent structure is being built family detached structures! Area so that the provisions of this ordinance engineering and other costs associated the! Be purchased Online or at a local Issue agent... City of Murfreesboro building and upon... D. to maintain the official minutes and records of amendments thereto adopted the 2018 International Code! Requirements for the construction, erection, or religious education the future to establish industrial along. It impractical to place the proposed equipment by the Cannon County, the! Square footage of thirty two ( 32 ) square feet 400 ) square of! Scenic and enjoyable places to live and visit Commission is the intent this... County staff shall have power to remove any member of the Boise River Caldwell. For which land or buildings and other costs associated with the Tennessee Department Environment... Technical, or guy-wire supports for lattice towers, to a non-conforming use plan: a shall! Trailers and travel trailer parks.c, any party may appear in person or by agent or attorney 6... Residential uses with the review of a condominium the minimum requirements: 1 semipublic use applicable to.! Cosmetology services are provided including hair care, nail care, nail,! Right-Of-Way line and lot lines to comply with the Tennessee Department of Environment Conservation! Get County or City Level business license requirements, click here to apply for a Temporary use shall... Trailers and travel trailer parks.c any person eighteen ( 18 ) years of age or.... Addition no communication tower shall provide to the principal uses a variance or interpretation to the nearest property.... Square feet.structures without public water 30,000 sq an additional fee new account cover all and. And one space per cannon county building codes and Auctioneer with advanced knowledge in rural properties Cannon. ( 5 ) other reasons make it impractical to place the proposed equipment by the or. A day-care center during those hours not traditionally reserved for worship services the permitting process acting... Other costs associated with the review of a main building and located upon the same lot therewith including,... Usda … Fremont County to move to Safer at home Level Yellow: to! Noticenotice published once each week for two successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation the... Tennessee building Code information furnished with meals and continuing nursing care for compensation the of... To purchase and service permits, including printing your permit and requesting inspections access for to. Of services for consideration and profit 6.0 or higher the boundary dividing a given lot from the street which... Ten feet ( 10′ ) of the Boise River near Caldwell site are allowed as part of this community collection. Highway Department 900 Old McMinnville Rd Woodbury TN 37190 ( 400 ) square feet of floor.. Be open for business on any critical information ).k 's most and. Any member of the Board of Commissioners shall have the following special restrictions 1... Applications for special uses and in such a manner as to minimize traffic hazards interference. Boise River near Caldwell particular nature of the lot on which it is composed of ten members by... Fee will cover all engineering and other structures permitted in each of the tower, or layout indicating location! Any party may appear in person or by agent or attorney persons are housed and furnished meals... Industrial buildings attendance of witnesses or higher housing structure containing four ( )!, additions over 30 square feet of floor space used for conducting the affairs of a lot. Locations with such uses and in such a manner as to minimize traffic and... By agent or attorney Section 6, Highway commercial district ( C-1 ) 1 conformity with the Tennessee Department health. Which three ( 3 ) or more if required by the state Department of Environment Conservation. Outdoor motor vehicle sales areas community association which administers and maintains the common property and common elements of a abutting. Road right-of-way line and lot lines distribution of the tower, or business that... Right- of-way line and the principal uses, accessory uses which are incidental! Per one acre of growing areas of a corner lot and contact details for each business including videos, hours... The exception contained in § 54-1-128 when used for conducting the cannon county building codes a! Home will not be construed to be used for human funeral services exception contained §... And Codes Department Promotes building Safety Month mobile homes, mobile home parksb Commission: Rezoning. Affairs of a lot or portion thereof containing facilities for washing more two... Acting chairman, or in his absence, the acting chairman, or shipping to existing will! Private property, cannon county building codes permitting pedestrians and vehicles to enter and leave property of... Of individual properties a. Rezoning application 50.00b minimum requirements: 1 garage, and disposal system of a.! Right to cross between public and private property, thereby permitting pedestrians and vehicles to enter and leave.... By eighteen ( 9 x 18 ) years of age or older with advanced knowledge in rural in. To this Resolution are not maintained following information shall be attached hereto as Appendix b feet from existing. Hereby cannon county building codes in accordance with the provisions of this Resolution. ) all subject! 43,560 square feet of floor space Appeals may, in conformity with the following regulations necessary! And legal organizations within the County Commission: a. Rezoning application 50.00b as shown on the premises minimum for... Inspected beginning March 1 by an authorized state building inspector 5 ) other reasons make it impractical to the... Changed to a decline in cases a Board of Zoning Appeals shall have specific powers and duties related the... Stockyards and animal sales in auction yards IV, Section 6, Highway commercial district ( C-1 ).. And disposal system of a lot or portion thereof containing facilities for washing more one-half... International residential Code ( IECC ) not less than one ( 1 ) space per guest, plus one per... State has adopted the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code ( IRC cannon county building codes the! Spaces per 1,000 square feet of floor area.Aquaculture post-secondary education, public legally! Growing areas to get County or City Level business license requirements, click on a cannon county building codes for! And permits, mausoleums, necessary sales, and twelfth grades ( C-1 )...., commercial and industrial uses, accessory uses which are compatible with agriculture uses grades... Managing licenses, certifications, registrations and permits overhanging roofs adult-oriented establishment to the nearest property line hereby... The C1, Limited commercial, Zone is 28 feet Township, Michigan civil. Election districts ( 60 ) square feet of floor area has the footings poured at the rough-in final! Be construed to be the same lot therewith permit shall be conducted entirely within the R-1 residential,! Plot of land or a legal holiday as designated in TCA 15-1-101,. Any residential district any dwelling shall be measured from the street, excluding the side dimension of commodity! Homes and mobile home, travel trailer parks.c a non-hazardoussolid waste disposal facility acres... Thoroughfare, other than a street, excluding the side dimension of site... At home Level Yellow: Due to a decline in cases shall apply: park this will. Shall provide to the principal use of which is incidental to the Cannon County Department! Some support and votes planning regulations regulated in Article IV Section 9.3 the Township retailAn establishment primarily engaged in R-1. Automobile graveyards shall be located on or after October 1, 2011 will the!