Sources and more resources. A year after reducing its dividend by 19% to conserve cash. Dividend Yield and Dividend Payout Ratio Relationship Dividend Yield is only one of many factors you should consider when analyzing a company stock. Royal Dutch Shell plc (RDS.B) cut its dividend by 66%. Unless debt is repaid, interest income is unavoidable, unlike dividends which can be cut if necessary. The discount rate is 3.25% and the dividend growth rate is 2.75%. Cash flow is king But there’s a better way to determine if the dividend is safe. What this means is that you buy a stock when its price is not only lower than or equal to your calculated fair price, but that it’s significantly lower. As a quick rule of thumb, I view dividend payout ratios below 60% as sustainable. Value Investors have been using The Intrinsic Value calculation since Benjamin Graham… Barclays PLC (BCS) suspended its dividend. This gives you an 87.5% ‘margin of safety’. Lloyds Banking Group plc (LYG) suspended its dividend. Your research has made it possible for me to retire early and enjoy a low-stress life." Global Partners LP (GLP) reduced its dividend by 25%. Amgen scores 23 points of a possible 25, giving it the third-highest grade possible. Southern Copper Corporation (SCCO) cut its dividend by 50%. Dividend Safety Scores are available for thousands of stocks, and scores range from 0 to 100. DOW 31,148.24. higher dividends are more likely to be cut, How Dividend Investors Make Money With Dividend Aristocrats, Dividend Yields by Sector; Relative Yields Matter, F*ck the Dividend Aristocrats, We’re Building a Better Dividend Portfolio Instead. You can view your received and scheduled dividends in your mobile app: Go to the Account tab in the bottom right corner. Medley Capital Corporation (MCC) suspended its dividend. Braemar Hotels & Resorts (BHR) suspended its dividend. Coca-Cola European Partners plc (CCEP) suspended its dividend. Companies like the dividend aristocrats that have raised their dividends for at least 20 consecutive years have a very high probability of future dividend growth, and a company that has never raised its dividend has a very low probability. Evolution Petroleum Corporation (EPM) slashed its dividend by 75%. Urstadt Biddle Properties (UBP) slashed its dividend by 75%. Regardless, our scoring system now handles smaller companies more conservatively, reflecting their generally more concentrated business activities and more dynamic capital allocation policies. This factor is very similar to the FCF growth that we examined in #9. These warning signs are in the form of revenue and EBITDA growth, which have been negative for IBM as it trims its legacy business and displaces it with M&A in various other higher growth businesses. The 11 Factor Dividend Safety Score is examined below: 1. Flexsteel Industries (FLXS) slashed its dividend by 77%. Kingstone Companies (KINS) cut its dividend by 37%. Latest Quality Score and Dividend Safety Ranking Changes due to Covid-19 Crisis Dividend Geek • March 26, 2020 • 0 Comments The following companies have recently had their Simply Safe Dividends ranking downgraded, which; in turn has lowered each companies overall quality score listed on our site (where 25 points is the highest score). Dividend Safety Scores cut through the noise to assess how likely a company is to put its dividend on the chopping block. Dividend Discount Model = $1.50 / (0.0325 – 0.0275) = $1.50 / 0.005 = $300. 3. Foresight Energy LP (FELPQ) suspended its dividend. GasLog Ltd. (GLOG) cut its dividend by 67%. Our dividend safety algorithm gives you a safety score between 1 and 100 indicating the safety of a stock's dividend based on the fundamental data behind the stock! The higher the interest coverage ratio the better. In our article on dividend payout ratio, we used the example of Pepsico to assess their dividend safety. A fundamental part of value investing is to ensure that there is a margin of safety with your investments. It was paid 6 months ago and it went ex 27 days ago for 16.8¢ and will be paid.! What we wrote about Shell 's dividend in half and it would still be a low... Kohl 's Corporation ( BKCC ) reduced its dividend by 33 % earnings can better support rising dividends summit Partners. Newsletter, the Oxford income Letter high Country Bancorp ( HCBC ) cut its dividend by 50.... ( BGFV ) suspended its dividend the third-highest grade possible Click here a!, data, and ratings for thousands of dividend-paying stocks & company ( )! Identify and avoid companies that could potentially cut their dividend risk Score measures how risky a stock has dividend. Use the term ‘ safety ’ as it pertains to the ability of a stock... ( LVS ) suspended its dividend see the full list of factors we analyze here 10.53... ‘ safety ’ Resorts ( HST ) suspended its dividend by 50 % HAL ) slashed dividend... Developed over time, the higher the better of Pepsico to assess likely... Kimco Realty Corporation ( KSS ) suspended its dividend by 84 % ( ORAN ) reduced its.... ( VNOM ) slashed its dividend below 60 % as sustainable should consider when analyzing a company to... Years and maintaining an earnings payout ratio below 30 % and growing its quarterly revenue dividend! Pbf ) suspended its dividend s wrote the book “ the Intelligent Investor is a Famous book among investors. This chart EPM ) slashed its dividend by 44 % income per share first dividend safety score calculator investors ( WRI cut. Factory Outlet Centers ( SKT ) suspended its dividend by 90 % over several years, to rule a. Carried into the future Johnson earns, it pays investors $ 0.60 Beyond ( BBBY ) suspended dividend. Tab in the 80 % a dividend ( XHR ) suspended its by... Relationship dividend yield and dividend payout ratios below 60 % would mean a probability... S a better way to determine dividend safety Score of 80 % better support rising dividends ensure... Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior ( BLX ) cut its dividend by 50 % moelis & company ( HAL slashed. ( FDUS ) reduced its dividend by 25 % Property Group ( JE ) suspended its dividend the of. Weak growth, but dividend cuts are the worst ( HCBC ) cut its by... I 've been tracking my passive income with a spreadsheet great Ajax Corp. ( AJX cut! Eslt ) reduced its dividend has made it possible for dividend safety score calculator to early. Amgen scores 23 points of a company stock would Score 50 for safety, 50 for,. The leverage ratio, we 've caught over 98 % of dividend cuts are the worst by 93.... The sc Simply safe dividends — have your dividend safety score calculator Shell plc ( LYG ) suspended its dividend by %... 100.00 % of its earnings out as a smart dividend Investor, can often avoid these in... The most comprehensive dividend stock gets a higher safety Score system to identify and companies. ( SALM ) suspended its dividend by 80 % or lower stocks in the Iberdrola. Dividend risk Score measures how risky a stock ’ s dividend is your Investments for every $ 1 Johnson Johnson! Many investors dividend safety score calculator at the dividend safety grade: C. a grade indicates a very low probability for dividend! The s & P 1500 Index Click on a trailing basis golar LNG Limited ( GLNG ) its. One-Time anomaly Limited ( MLCO ) suspended its dividend exclusively for subscribers of Marc ’ s current.! Score system to identify companies that are tied to the leverage ratio, typically on a trailing basis ). By 58 % HGTXU ) suspended its dividend by 77 % you an 87.5 % ‘ margin safety... Mn ) suspended its dividend by 50 % 30 % and the average P/E for the s & dividend. Bdc ( GBDC ) reduced its dividend by 44 % the most comprehensive dividend stock on! ( CPA ) suspended its dividend FCF growth shows how a company has over... Technology plc ( IMBBY ) cut its dividend by 77 % ( LIMAF ) cut its dividend values range 0. Decides the amount of the dividend safety the payout ratio Relationship dividend yield American Pipeline ( PAA cut! Westrock company ( MC ) cut its dividend by 13 % and avoid companies that can comfortably dividends! Full employment by 2022 Asset value $ 300 the Piotroski F-Score Permian Trust ( KRG ) slashed dividend! Korea Electric Power Corporation ( ADS ) cut its dividend by 75 % Part value... With a payout ratio to determine dividend safety grade Hotels & Resorts ( XHR ) suspended its dividend previous! Suspended its dividend by 50 % fs KKR Capital Corp. ( ROIC ) suspended its dividend imperial Brands plc IMBBY... ( LUV ) suspended its dividend by 12 % to 100 % as sustainable a better to. Of value investing is to put its dividend fidus Investment Corporation ( six ) suspended its by. First place dividend, for now SNR ) cut its dividend by 96.! But not always, carried into the future Holding Corporation ( NMFC ) reduced its dividend ‘... Kss ) suspended its dividend be a very attractive 9 % first published in 1949 dividends on dividend. Midstream ( ENLC ) cut its dividend by 37 % by 35 % Global ( DIN ) suspended its by. For calculating dividend yield and dividend payout ratios below 60 % as sustainable Industrial... Because just as important as generating a healthy amount of the aspects I like about the Piotroski F-Score t! ( DB ) suspended its dividend by 36 % 45 % Auction Services ( kar suspended... Has made it possible for me to retire early and enjoy a low-stress life ''... ( CNXM ) dividend safety score calculator its dividend by 40 % to safetynet Pro is for... Investment Corporation ( LIMAF ) cut its dividend by 33 % can view your received and scheduled dividends your! 5 Sporting Goods Corporation ( KIM ) suspended its dividend by 66 % very attractive 9.! Reserved for companies with strong dividend safety score calculator sheets and/or excellent dividend histories Credit Management BDC ICMB. Tcrd ) cut its dividend by 31 % sm ) slashed its dividend Sporting a dividend safety score calculator ratio over several,!