What happens when you run yarn run foo is this: Yarn creates a temporary directory; Yarn writes in this temporary directory an indirection script for Node This indirection script is meant to enforce all child processes to use the same Node than Yarn; We also use it to automatically inject the -r flag to any child process, if needed (cf here) Scripts are a great way of automating tasks related to your package, such as simple build processes or development tools. Run a preliminary yarn install if the package contains build scripts-n,--dry-run: Print the file paths without actually generating the package archive--json: Format the output as an NDJSON stream-o,--out #0: Create the archive at the specified path--filename #0: Create the archive at … The yarn run command is used to run a script that you defined in the script section of your package.json file. This refetches all packages, even ones that were previously installed. Type npm run or yarn run in the search field. Releases 3.1.1 Oct 26, 2016 With your TypeScript script in place, you can now move on to running your script. Using the "scripts" field, you can define various scripts to be run as yarn run