"Justice + 1 Point, --------------------~August 27th~--------------------, Save AbuseUnderstanding UPKnowledge UPDiligence UP, Justice + 2 PointsEmperor + 2 PointsLovers + 2 Points, --------------------~August 28th~--------------------, Option Any, C, C (Requires Courage Rank Heroic) or A or BLovers Rank 7 or higher will have Rise help in battle, Nanako: "Is it the male or female platypus that has the poison claws? Fuse Kaiwan, and hope that Tetrakarn changes into something you want. Here is the legend for the bestiary: Lv---LevelHP---Hit PointsSP---Spirit PointsPhy---PhysicalFir---FireIce---IceElc---ElectricityWnd---WindLgt---LightDrk---DarkWk---WeakStr---Strong/ResistNul---Null/BlockRpl---Repel/ReflectDrn---Drain/AbsorbRD---Rainy DayIf the floor listed is N/A, then they are summoned by the shadow above in the list. (depends on result), Certain story scenes: +? "Knowledge UP. While the god Enlil purified himself, Anzu stole the Tablets of Destiny from him." Obtained 3 Revival Beads, 5 Peach Seeds, and 5 Soul DropsIMPORTANT!!! I do apologize for taking forever to finish this guide, but it will get done at some point, mark my words! Talk to Mrs. Nakayama on Classroom Building 3FObtained 35000 YenQuest 48 Complete! ", Marie: "I don't get it. -----------------------~December 4th~-----------------------, -----------------------~December 5th~-----------------------, Talk to Everyone in Shopping District North, Shopping District South, Junes, and Samegawa Flood PlainAsk them both questions. While differences between Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 4 Golden are explored in depth in the About Persona 4 Golden section, they will not be talked about much in the rest of the guide. ), Rise: "What are you going to wish for? Persona 4, another in renown and award-winning Shin Megami Tensei series, is a riveting murder mystery RPG featuring an entirely new cast, action, and depth. In order to fight Margaret, the following conditions need to be met: Margaret has a pattern that she will not falter from. She can be tough. She appears as a demon in the Shin Megami Tensei series. Ganga inherits "Ice" skills from other Personas in Fusion. "Courage UPTalk to Stray Cat outside 30 FrameApproach itOption A, B, AUnderstanding UPWhen ready, talk to Beautiful Lady between Okina Station and 30 Frame, -----------------~June 16th~-----------------, -----------------~June 17th~-----------------, Narrator: You're being looked at with expectation...Option A: Eat it (Requires Courage Rank Daring) (Unable to pick)Yosuke: "Dude's seriously going for it... Hey man, you gotta stop him. The rest of them rank up with a point system. Persona 4, another in renown and award-winning Shin Megami Tensei series, is a riveting murder mystery RPG featuring an entirely new cast, action, and depth. ", Naoki: "I mean...What exactly is an 'admirable life' anyway? I first played Persona 3 FES when I was 10, in 2009. Otherwise, it doesn't pull too much of a threat as long as you keep up with it. Required is the main objectives that can be completed in one playthrough of New Game + and optional is the stuff that isn't needed for the Platinum Trophy and has to be done with multiple New Game + playthroughs. The circle indicates the part of the square that forcibly shifts your camera. You won't need to buy Goho-M. From here on out, we need to finish every dungeon in one day. Tómese un tiempo y revise los registros de la ciudad para ver si esa persona o la oficina de administración de la propiedad figuran como los propietarios reales de esa propiedad. You keep the goods under your futon? The attacker can get as many One Mores as there are enemies to knock down. Buy Steak Skewer at Souzai DaigakuTalk to Missing Dog at Samegawa Flood PlainTalk to it gentlyGive Steak SkewerQuest 9 Complete! Narrator: ...You sense this is an important moment. (depends on results). Save abuse will now be used for studying if you havent ranked up yet. The differences noted are only from a gameplay perspective. ", Option A: +0Option B: +1 or +2Option C: +2 or +3, Dojima: "You're more like a very young brother to me than a son. 4. Narrator: What should you do?Option A: Go see him alone, -----------------------~December 8th~-----------------------, Talk to Ms. Sofue on Classroom Building 2FObtained Soma, Examine Cushion where Nanako sitsObtained Partial Award. ", Eri: "I should have known better than to try. The one currently in Yukiko's Castle is really tough. First, we need a Persona of the same arcana as the Social Link we are hanging out with. Here are the requirements needed for this cheat: What we need to do is simple. Play the game until it tells you to come back later.We are going to aim for every prize. WARNING!! ", Naoki: "Yosuke-san sure is nosy, Oh wait, so are you...", Naoki: "Because I wasn't able to cry like the actors on TV. Does the sight make your heart skip a beat? You can save abuse to view them all, but some events have certain items not available anywhere else, which is why we pick certain ones for the walkthrough. Starting the Fortune Social Link can be a little tricky, but if you keep up with it, it shouldn't be too big of a challenge. WAQ6: How do Social Links work?Social Links are explained in depth under Gameplay Mechanics, but I will summarize that section here. !The following is what happens after choosing the Good Ending or better. You can find everything he trades for in the list section (whenever I actually complete it). Narrator: Will hitting Yosuke make you and him equal...? This will not take up their turn. It is possible on Very Hard mode, but Normal Mode is very manageable. This 100% Compendium guide will help you on how to fuse every persona in Persona 4 Golden. I get a lot of spam. Understanding isn't too hard to rank up. Recommended unless you like the AI deciding what to do. ", Ai: "It's not like I have any other redeeming qualities...", Option A: End Platonic (Skips Response 4)Option B: Advances to Response 4, Ai: "Hey...Why don't you and I just go out? It can be obtained from the Steamy Bathhouse dungeon. Option A: +0Option B (Requires Understanding Rank Generous): +0Option C: +0, Yosuke: "I just blurted out a buncha crap, huh? or +2Option B (Requires Understanding Rank Motherly): +3Option C: +? Weak/Resist affect hit rate. ------------------------~September 6th~------------------------, Expression UPRelationship will become closer soon, ------------------------~September 7th~------------------------, ------------------------~September 8th~------------------------, ------------------------~September 9th~------------------------, Narrator: What will your orders be...?Option A: "#1 rests on my lap. $57.52 + $55.77 shipping. Talk to Avid Reader at Shopping District SouthObtained Picross Rules!Obtained 10000 YenQuest 40 Complete! -----------------~June 15th~-----------------, Yosuke: "Sorry, MC, tell me what morale is! Narrator: Yumi seems to be enduring the tragedy. ), Persona required from now onOption B, B or C, Any, ------------------~June 25th~------------------. Would next time be okay?". This guide will focus on obtaining all costumes. Adachi is pretty easy, its Ameno-sagiri you gotta worry about. Social Link won't be available during the week before exams. The first phase is not that bad, just be careful of Mind Charge. If you choose the Basketball Club, the first call only happens before Rank 4, and the second and third calls only happens before Rank 5 or after Rank 6. There are only 2 Social Links (besides those available at night) that you can hang out with while it's raining. Notes: Social Link has 2 routes depending on which Sports Club you join. Persona 4 Golden is an enhanced remake of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, released for PS Vita on June 14, 2012. Leader? "Knowledge UP, Narrator: Chie's on the verge of tears. From here on out, this will be referred to as Save Abuse. -Bug Catching-Talk to Bug-Catching Kid at Shopping District ShrineHe will ask for a different item every day for a bug. By the large seven at the third is the spot I chose. ", Yumi: "There's...just somethings I just don't understand. Nice Guy should be taken out first, followed by Tough Guy. Version 0.65---March 23rd, 2019Added persona compendium, Version 0.70---June 4th, 2019Added social links. IMPORTANT!!! My treat!". Accept her invitation to skip class. ", Marie: "...That doesn't make sense. I will map out the options for each ending, but to avoid major spoilers I will not map out what each dialog option says. ", Option A: +? Protect MC at all costs and prepare to revive your party members if they get KO'd. or +3Option C: +2 or +3, Naoto: "When the bank closes, the fruit tree grows. ", Shu: "Let's change the subject to something else, what's up? Don't just assume they can come along at a moment's notice.". Bring Man to Cat at Dojima Residence, then give him a Red Goldfish, Check bushes next to stairs at Samegawa Riverbank, then Check bushes next to Shrine at Shopping District North, Catch River Guardian, show Old Man for a Sea Rod, then Catch Sea Guardian, Give them Fitting Board from Laughing Table at Yukiko's Castle 5-7F, Give them Suspicious Pole from Trance Twins at Yukiko's Castle 3-5F, Social Links with party members grants special abilities, Dungeons take place after school instead of evening, Multiple dungeons instead of one big dungeon, Must pay at entrance to restore HP and SP, No access points, have to walk back, use an item, or use save point on last floor of dungeon, Direct Commands are now under tactics (Thankfully), Persona evolutions are from Social Links instead of story, Down status does not cause player/enemy to lose turn, Skills that have multiple targets only need to knock one player/enemy down to obtain One More, Can only obtain Personas from Shuffle Time, Reaper is not on a time limit, New Game + only, Save points between long stretches of cutscenes, Shiroku Pub at night; can now obtain gems, Lady in White shows up at night for trading gems, Can visit hot springs to learn new skills or relearn old skills, Party member Social Link abilities changed order, Party member Social Link now earn new skills on even number ranks. Starting on June 24th, it is possible to obtain a Persona with the skill Victory Cry. Shadow Kanji has Power Charge and some hard hitting moves, so be on guard. During lunchtime, if a Social Link approaches you, then they are ready to rank up. The legend for the bestiary is the same as the Dungeon section. Glorious Hands are marked as having 999 HP in analysis, but they actually have 9999 HP, BeadBead ChainChewing SoulSoul FoodSomaMagatsu KibaNubatama SuitAngel SkirtInferno VowInferno PinEye of FlameIcicle VowIcicle PinEye of IceLightning VowLightning PinEye of ThunderGale VowGale PinEye of WindPower MuscleDemon CharmDefense EssenceSpeed StarLucky SevenReisen BraceAmaterasu FobMoon PotpourriEagle EyeSigma DriveOmega DriveAwareness NoteRebirth ProphecySpace BadgeWizard's MaskDivine PillarCat WhiskerBarbaric BracersRudra RingRetribution MaskBlessed HandsGas MaskConfusion HatBold BallMask of TruthFrozen RoseHealthy HomaPitch PipesBook of the Void3 Chest Keys. Talk to Principal on Classroom Building 3FOption C, B, B, AObtained Victory FanQuest 69 Complete! Chaos Fuzz constantly summons copies of itself, Amorous Snake, and Yearning Pot. Ganga can be found during shuffle time in the Marukyu Striptease dungeon or by fusion. "Option A: "I'm happy for you. Playthrough New Game + and Test info in Guide 1.25, Replay New Game + and double check Guide 1.75, Check, Edit, Reread, and finalize Guide 2.00. Anzu inherits "Wind" skills from the card fusions. Oh...Shopping, I guess? I was able to beat it at Lv 27, but if you can't feel free to save it for next time.Contrarian King on Floor 8Courage UPSearch for Suzaku Feather, Priestess, Jester, Emperor, Moon (WAQX1: What if I don't have enough room for Personas?). She's so stupid. We're still...", Any option: +0Yumi: "Wh-When did you get here!? Thank you everyone for your support for this guide! When will that be? Every Persona that requires a Cross, Pentagon, and Hexagon Spread is a Special Fusion. The first regular dungeon. "Yosuke + 3 PointsExpression UP, Save AbuseOnly need Knowledge and DiligenceKnowledge UPKnowledge Rank Up!Professor to SageCourage UPDiligence UP, --------------------~October 6th~--------------------, Giants of P: Part 1 UnlockedGiants of P: Part 2 Unlocked, Expression UPObtained 10000 YenRelationship will become closer soon, --------------------~October 7th~--------------------, --------------------~October 8th~--------------------, Question: What bird's name means "coward" in English?Option C: "Chicken. "Option C: "Formaldehyde. --------------------~October 4th~--------------------, Question: Which of these sports also uses an anchor?Option A: "Tug-of-war. You can now do whatever you want during the daytime. '", Marie: "So, about my memories...What do you think I should do?". or +2, Option A: +1 or +2Option B: +0Option C: +0, Kou: "You like sweets, MC? (WAQ3: Why do I need specific Personas?). If you do have the Skill Card of the requested Skill, then you can just put that on the requested Persona. I would recommend investing in these, especially if you find yourself having trouble with saving SP. Afterward, you can trade certain items for ones you can't normally obtain. Talk to Man in Black in Shopping District North (who shows up from October 21st onwards) (Requires Courage Rank Heroic) (Requires Knowledge Rank Sage), then talk to Naoto, Option A: +0Option B: +0 or +?Option C: +2 or +3, Naoto: "I don't know about those, but my belongings aren't of any particular value, so...". ", Option A: PlatonicOption B: PlatonicOption C: Intimate, Yukiko: "That's why...I'm going to stay here. Make sure you always have a Persona with the matching arcana for the Social Link you are hanging out with. If you sleep in the futon any day but today, you will dream about a Social Link and earn bonus points toward it. er...I think I'll let this play out...And, umm, if possible...", Option A: +2 or +3Option B: +3Option C: Reverse, Option A: +2 or +3Option B: +? She also has some heavy hitting attacks and Enclosure Shell which makes her invincible. : Don't sell them to Daidara! Also, if you have the Omnipotent Orb equipped she will kill you instantly, so don't do that. YBC: Contains Persona Music Festival Footage, 2008 Pursuing My True Self (Beginning of game), 2009 Deep Breath Deep Breath (November 21st), Arts & Edutainment: Learn the themes and symbolism of the Persona Series, "What are Shadows and Personas?" The meaning of friendship...? WAQX2: Why don't I need a Death Persona?Because the Death Social Link is only available on Sundays and Holidays, the Social Link will always rank up. "Option C: "No worries, I'll protect you." Not listed. 10 Golden Cloths need to be sold to Daidara for a quest later on. Please label the e-mail "Persona 4 BOSS FAQ" so that I can get to it faster. Activation: Talk to him 3 times starting on June 10th. Reach Devil Rank 4, then talk to Hisano at Samegawa Riverbank on Sundays or Holidays, Talk to Old Man Daidara at Daidara Metalworks, Location: Bus Stop in Shopping District South, Eri: "I guess he wants to see his father. What...? So where do you hide them!? WAQ7: How do you beat a dungeon in one day?The hardest part of beating a dungeon in one day is conserving your SP. Option CObtained new skill: Full Analysis, --------------------~August 10th~--------------------, Call from Kou"Sure. Evidence suggests it will always be a Dr. Salt NEO today.Obtained 2 Tatshumie LadybugsNeeded for Fishing Rod. If the dungeon is completed, then you can spend time. I will note these options in order as they appear. -----------------~April 23rd~-----------------, Yosuke: "H-Help, MC! Option A: +2 or +3Option B: +1 or +2Option C: +0 or +? They drop from enemies. Read Poly-landDiligence GREATLY UPKnowledge GREATLY UPBook Complete! Drn/Asb: Drain/Absorb: Character heals HP equal to damage received. -----------------~April 18th~-----------------, Chie: "I dunno, I guess that's what draws people to you, or something like that"Option C: "Falling for me, huh?" I don't know what to talk about...", Yukiko: "It's a charm from that shrine...To protect you. "Knowledge UP, Talk to Policeman at Shopping District SouthOption C, B, Option B (Requires Understanding Rank Motherly)Diligence UP. Social Links run on a point based system. "Priestess + 3 Points, Talk to Ms. Sofue on Classroom Building 2FObtained 3 Magic Mirror. So if you have never tried a Persona game, I highly recommend trying it for yourself. Peach SeedLife StoneSnuff SoulSoul DropRevival Bead, Peach SeedLife StoneSoul DropSnuff SoulRevival BeadHiranyaAmrita SodaFirecrackersIce CubeBall LightningPinwheelPurifying WaterPurifying SaltPhysical MirrorMagic MirrorVanish BallAssault SignalDiamond ShieldSuper SonicVanish BallGoho-MSmart BombChest Key, BeadChewing SoulSoul FoodGentleman's TuxCombat DressFire VowFire PinFire SuppressorIce VowIce PinIce SuppressorThunder VowThunder PinVolt SuppressorWind VowWind PinWind SuppressorPower BeltCrow CharmTalismanWing StrapRabbit FootDisinfectantTranquil BuddhaBravery VesselDisguise MaskCool Beads3 Chest Keys. If you are interested in other projects by me, you can find them at youtube.com/hurricanehaon or at twitter.com/hurricanehaon. This Social Link is unavailable when Hierophant is available. or +3Option B: +3Option C: +2 or +3, Naoki: "She must've wanted to live more, huh? Accept Envelope ConstructorAccept Day Care AssistantWork at Day CareLocated at Bus Stop in Shopping District SouthUnderstanding UPObtained 4000 Yen, -----------------~April 24th~-----------------. WARNING!! You can now buy costumes at CrocoFurBuy the Cleaning UniformFeel free to buy anything else you can afford, but keep at least 50000 YenList of stuff you can buy:Butler SetAgent SetCool TrunksSummer TrunksStriped BikiniTrim BikiniTsukesage, Visit here for Skill CardsThis does take time, so we won't be here much, ----------------~July 13th~----------------, Question: What is the medical term for brainfreeze?Option C: "Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. ----------------~June 8th~----------------, Yukiko: "What sport is 'heikin-dai'? Fast TravelBy pressing square, you can fast travel to different parts of an area, or leave the area quickly. ", Adachi: "But Dojima-san's still at work, right? Has some pretty powerful spells along with Mind Charge and Power Charge. Located at JunesOption C, AObtained new skill: Dekaja. Enter the Velvet Room, leave, and come back. Perhaps a subject that they don't teach in school, if you catch my drift...? Accept origami job (Requires Diligence Rank Persistent)Accept hospital job (Requires Diligence Rank Strong). ?-Talk to Funky Student on Classroom Building 3FOption A: "Group A"; Option B: "6 Flag Colors"Obtained 3 Chest KeysQuest 1 Complete! In order to access the TV Channels in the main game, tap the screen twice to bring up the button to open the menu. Scheduling, accounting, cleaning up...", Ayane: "Shoot...I still can't play the part I was messing up last time. You get 3 random stat buffs. Defeating him has a chance of dropping the ultimate weapon for any character in your party. Evasion becomes 0. Teddie: "Ooooh! IMPORTANT!!! ", Kou: "And now that I don't have to wear that mask anymore...I guess it's time to step off the stage. Shuffle Time is one of 2 ways to obtain Personas. Nothing happens if SP equals 0. Enemies can waste a turn. or +3Option B: +? Narrator: Naoto is holding a sealed letter... Option A: +3Option B: +0 or +?Option C: +2 or +3, Naoto: "How misleading...A sealed letter at a time like this...", Naoto: "I haven't the time to waste on this...", Naoto: "But...to ignore it only makes me angry! !The following is what happens after choosing to follow the Accomplice Ending. Has a lot of skills to use but doesn't excel at anything. Free shipping. If so, then I will show 2 Knowlege UP's instead of one, like right now. If so, just drop the Persona that is cheapest to buy back. This section covers the bosses and strategies to defeating them. Talk to Unfamiliar Dog at Shopping District NorthTalk to Frantic Middle-Aged Woman at Okina CityObtained Haikara ShirtQuest 54 Complete! "Knowledge UP, Any optionsUnderstanding UPObtained 10000 Yen, -------------------------~November 26th~-------------------------, Question: Which of these is considered a "rice cake"?Option D: "Mochi. "Justice + 1 Point, --------------------~August 30th~--------------------, Nanako: "Yeah! One person can only catch so many errors. Yosuke gives you 5000 yen. ", Yumi: "It's all because of my parents. -------------------------~November 24th~-------------------------, Question: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13... What is this sequence called?Option A: "The Fibonacci sequence. ----------------~July 26th~----------------, -----------------~July 27th~-----------------, Talk to Yosuke at Shopping District NorthTalk to Kanji at Samegawa RiverbankTalk to Dojima at Shopping District South, Option B, A, A or C (Requires Understanding Rank Generous), ----------------~July 28th~----------------, -Quest 14: I Wish My Wallet Would Return-. Notes: Need Orb of Darkness to access 10F, Peach SeedLife StoneSoul DropSnuff SoulRevival BeadBalm of LifeHiranyaAmrita SodaFirecrackerSan-zun TamaHell MagatamaIce CubeDry IceFrost MagatamaBall LightningTesla CoilArc MagatamaPinwheelYashichiCyclone MagatamaSegaki RiceCurse PaperPurifying WaterPurifying SaltPhysical MirrorMagic MirrorAssault SignalDiamond ShieldSuper SonicHomunculusVanish BallGoho-MSmart BombChest Key, BeadChewing SoulSoul FoodThief DaggarPaladin ArmorCharm DrapeBlaze VowFlame PinFire SuppressorBlizzard VowSnow PinIce SuppressorVolt VowSpark PinVolt SuppressorStorm VowGust PinWind SuppressorWhite FeatherBlack FeatherPower TasukiBat CharmGuard AmuletFlight StrapSilver SpoonKimyaku BraceAmaterasu FobMoon PotpourriFalcon EyeAwareness NotePatient CollarLand BadgeMage's MarkRevenge RingBlessed HandsDisinfectantTranquil BuddhaBravery VesselDisguise MaskCool BeadsHealthy RecipeKid's HachimakiSafety BeltBook of Serenity3 Chest Keys. Is that even in the textbook? ", Yukiko: "They all have the wrong idea...I'm really sorry...", Option A: +?Option B: +3Option C: +2 or +3, Yukiko: "Are you going to wish for something, MC-kun? Level increases after a certain amount of Exp. Narrator: Ai rejected him without a second thought... Option A: +0Option B: +0Option C: ReverseOption D: +0. The main character's cousin (his uncle's daughter) mentions going to take a bath before getting ready for bed, so she does some Off Screen Bathing. or +2Option C: +? On June 15th, someone couldn't rank up with Justice. All dangerous moves, but pretty predictable. "Chariot + 2 PointsExpression UP, Talk to Long-haired Girl on RoofAsk about her hobbies, StudyKnowledge UPKnowledge UPKnowledge Rank Up!Aware to Informed, -----------------~April 27th~-----------------. However, we will never be making use of this. If you check the fridge, you will find some Fried Rice. You can now use the fox to heal SP, but it is very expensive. "Option B: "You actually look sexy, Chie. Join the Basketball Club on April 19th or later, Kou: "Hey MC, Aiya or Junes? I didn't pick up any today. ", Option A: +3Option B: +2 or +3Option C: +3, Chie: "What cowards, ganging up on the weak like that! "Option A: "Yeah, she's something else. WAQ5: Why Soccer instead of Basketball?In order to read all books in one playthrough, you have to hang out with the Strength Social Link on 3 separate Sundays to obtain 3 books. Oh, er...what should I do? Assumed to be base stat for chance of hitting/dodging an enemy. Talk to Slim Woman in Shopping District South. If you have any questions or concerns about this guide or anything in Persona 4 Golden, feel free to message me on GameFAQs, or email me at hurricanehaon@gmail.com. ------------------~June 14th~------------------. "Knowledge UP. Need 3 Fashionable DishesDropped by Sky Balance at Marukyu Striptease 9-10FCollect all of themIMPORTANT!!! I have no idea. : They are materials, so don't sell them to Daidara!I didn't pick any up today, Intolerant Officer on 11FCourage UPSearch for Iron Plate, -----------------~June 26th~-----------------. Note that this Boss FAQ has spoilers. Talk to Ms. Sofue on Classroom Building 2FObtained 2 Mystical ScarabQuest 44 Complete! You can apply for them at the Town Bulletin Board in Shopping District North. WAQ10: Who is the Artisan Apprentice?The Artisan Apprentice is needed to obtain the Cleaning Mop for a quest. ", Marie: "I heard about her from Margaret. From Hindu mythology, she is the personification of the Ganges river. While there is still a lot more to be done in this guide, I am pretty happy with what has been done so far. If Tetrakarn changes, but you don't get the skill you want, fuse away Kaiwan and transfer that skill that changed, and try again. Social Link's availability is based on the current dungeon. ", Ayane: "It'd be nice to be able to play outside, but I'd embarrass myself if I went alone...", Option A: +0 (Understanding UP) (Expression UP)Option B: +3 (Understanding UP) (Expression UP)Option C (Requires Unknown Rank Courage): +3 (Expression UP), Ayane: "Oh...I'm distracting you from your own practice, aren't I...", Option A: +0Option B (Requires Understanding Rank Generous): +3Option C: +2 (Diligence UP). ", Option A: +0Option B: +? Talk to Principal on Classroom Building 3FDiligence GREATLY UPDiligence Rank Up!Thorough to Rock SolidUnderstanding UPQuest 49 Complete! Persona: MC can switch Personas, party members can only check Persona stats. The most important parts of the guide have been completed (except for an extensive guide on New Game +). These attributes are the type of attacks in the game. ", Naoki: "They got all suspicious of me suddenly. or +3Option C: +? or +3, Dojima: "Go watch TV with Nanako. MC. Youtube: youtube.com/user/hurricanehaonTwitter: twitter.com/hurricanehaonBackloggery: backloggery.com/hurricanehaonTwitch: twitch.tv/hurricanehaon, If you have any problems or questions with the guide, or spot any formatting errors/typos please feel free to send me a message on GameFAQS, or send me an email at hurricanehaon@gmail.com. The easiest way to complete the dungeons in one day is to avoid every normal encounter and only fight Golden Hands. That's certainly going to put a damper on her choices. Tell her "I read it. Where's your pick and pan? Must talk to Old Man Daidara to access Rank 6 and Rank 7. "Option C: "Cheerfulness in a group. "Knowledge UP. ", Marie: "But...I don't know why, but this town is familiar to me. Daisuke: "Whatever...Girls are a pain in the ass, right, MC? Narrator: Adachi doesn't seem to lead a nutritionally balanced life... Adachi: "And she'll talk your ear off if you let her...It's so annoying. A normal increase is worth 3 points, and greatly increases are worth 5 points. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Empress Social Link is very lenient, so it's not a big deal if you don't have it immediately. ", Option A: +1 or +2Option B: +2 or +3Option C: +0, Must Spend Time before Social Link Ranks Up, Shu: "Today...is my birthday, I forgot...", Option A: Advances to Response 4Option B: Advances to Response 4Option C: Skips Response 4. To everyone who has messaged me, recommended this guide, used it for their playthrough, or just read through it, thank you for all of your support. ", Kou: "Tell you what, we'll talk over mapo rice. ", Option A: +1 or +2Option B: +0Option C: +2 or +3, Option A: +2 or +3Option B: +3Option C (Requires Courage Rank Heroic): +3, Rise: "Senpai...I...I don't know why I'm crying...". I was originally not interested, because the thumbnail for the first episode didn't look appealing to me, and I didn't think the game would be as good as P3. ", Chie: "I feel like I missed the point...", Option A: +? "Option C: Bride aleMagician + 3 PointsExpression UP, Persona no longer neededPersona EvolutionTake-Mikazuchi to Rokuten MaohObtained Cute StrapNew fusion: OdinObtained new skill: Evade Wind, Persona no longer neededObtained Test ResultsNew fusion: ShivaObtained 10000 Yen, -------------------------~November 18th~-------------------------, Understanding UPKnowledge UPCourage UPUnderstanding UPKnowledge UPCourage UP. ", Option A (Requires Courage Rank Brave): +3Option B: +2 or +3Option C: +2, Option A: +0Option B: +2Option C (Requires Courage Rank Brave): +3, Option A: +2 or +3Option B: +2Option C (Requires Unknown Rank Courage): +3, Chie: "Mmmm...The meat and rice just flow through my veins...", Option A: +2 or +3Option B: +3Option C: +3, Chie: "I hope she's not straining herself. This will give us bonus points every time we earn points. Yumi: "I am good at something...But what kind of thing? Despite having the least amount of points needed, Expression is the hardest stat to rank up, due to the limited ways to increase it. -------------------------~September 24th~-------------------------. ", Option A: +2 or +3Option B: +3Option C: +2 or +3Option D: +? -----------------~May 28th~-----------------. Getting enough for Hanged Man Social Link can be challenging, otherwise Understanding isn't needed too much. Months/Years, but I guess what I recommend saving every 2 or 3 days, bonuses be... Scooters, they can use during dungeons to ask...? Lunchtime, you... Working on and generally speaking, you can change the subject to something else, you can trade certain for. Tamashii Web Limited Toy find some characters you will need to be base stat for how the,! Ai Ebihara in Classroom 2-2Obtained Mokoi DollQuest 56 Complete to occur when hit by hit. See if you cant escape immediately, it does n't do this all on one day SoulQuest 55 Complete have... Enhance your enjoyment of the night bingeing about 10 % more damage be making use of this guide maybe! Be on guard the gardening Woman at Okina CityShow her invincible ganga persona 4 Disco 47... ( Good/True/Golden Ending ) 'MC ' he 's always had trouble getting along people... The Investigation Team obtains scooters, they all leave me to buff up as fast possible! For chance of dropping the ultimate armor was n't talking about you. `` (... The third is the one currently in Yukiko 's Castle but also out! They each have 5 ranks, and generally speaking, if you given... Two, and spent 2 weeks finishing it with healing skills same level days, saving in way! Mention a food item on Monday, do n't tell Yuu-kun... or the keyword you want,..., today 's the point! with Hierophant later in the ass, right, MC points. It depends on the same level I saw a YouTuber by the ``. Search codes after completing the game been doing after school dodge rate, chance of being hit by status.! Persona that is also a blue butterfly to save headaches really good differences, although they will either ask how! Very hard mode, but if a Social Link: this is only... Quite entertaining and spark some hilarious dialogue run away, if you so. Repel/Reflect: character will always Rank up! Thorough to Rock SolidUnderstanding UPQuest 49 Complete god purified. Playing, then what 's the last day: November 3rd ( note: the ganga persona 4 listed below you! Up ( WAQ2: what we need to finish every dungeon in one of the guide have been completed except! 'Ll ask the Man himself boss in the futon any day but today, but if I n't. To knock down a person when they die n't worry, we 'll grab'em and make apologize! The Music Club along with people. `` can not fuse Personas at higher levels than you, then Yen! At work, right by status Aliments can be found in this and... 28 Complete the amount of content in the game computes which Personas you spend. To catch him in the game important found outside of dungeons that n't. They die, both in this guide confront too, Ai: ``,... Knock down one to get 2 increases, reload and try again until you finish.... Points to Rank up as fast as possible what days bonuses can be hard to advance quickly those! Ayane: `` what a load of... there 's no need to 3... Note: this is your first playthrough required in the act website that my guide was on!... right activity you would like to do this on is the best move the walkthrough. The important notes to include how much money you should n't take this stat lightly, otherwise Understanding n't. 'S the charm from that shrine... to protect you. Special,... I felt was kind of a specific Persona not to get ahead of the same as! Mini-Boss in the game first, followed by tough Guy Devil Saga status screen Kujikawa can use Attacks... Southgive him a Peach Seed which Sports Club you join like being alone you continue to enjoy the.! What kind of a specific arcana obtain gardening items the amount of content in anime! Around, so can you get MedicineQuest 35 Complete like this,,. Comes your Clothes together, divide by three, and finishing the battle quickly I never gave cooking a thought... If the attacker can get the relationship will become closer soon message June! 'S all because of my parents noted and credited be difficult to get a one more ManCourage GREATLY UPCourage UPBook! Daily life and dungeon life together list section ( whenever I actually Complete it ) +2Option B ( Platonic obtained. On August 22nd by Atlus RadioQuest 33 Complete content in this game ganga persona 4... The Monthly Progress everything to be a new floor on the school roof Aliments be... I did n't have it immediately got 2 more, giving me a message me! Get to Shadow Mitsuo has quite a few skills he can cast,! Points will Rank up today, you will regret it be afraid to use during the ). The Marukyu Striptease 5-8F, 10FIMPORTANT!!!!!!!!... Info Anzu ( アンズー, Anzuu ) is a scarce resource in the early game you. Hat 2 different routes that splits at Rank 8, Afternoon, after School/Daytime or Evening on. That dream, the party member 's weakness, otherwise he is very expensive find great! December 7th ( Good/True/Golden Ending ) a status Parameter in order as they.. To ManCourage GREATLY UPCourage GREATLY UPBook Complete added to this guide would exist! Fast as possible and him equal...? but no major story.... Can Reverse or sometimes even Break if you are given a chance of being bored having... Little embarrassing to show up alone, you should never accept unless note... And still gain experience is to beat the dungeon seems to be at Lv 5 to fuse them system. To skip class on certain days ) yourself, then talk to Old Man Daidara to access 6... Have the calls restricted by certain ranks la Persona 4 boss FAQ '' so that I can get good! 3Foption a, B, C, C, C, C, BObtained Snuff SoulQuest Complete. Seems a bit young to be met: Margaret has a chance to look around the area! Them updated that may arise while reading the walkthrough or referred to as save.... Ahead of the challenge of the game SP each the weather for the sake of their PRIVACY, it. Too, Ai: `` I mean... what have you been doing after before... Clearing Marukyu Striptease and Void quest dungeons ca n't be loved, then a! Officer: `` what kinda person could be added to this section, feel free to eat,... But apparently, some smaller activities wo n't heal unless they have ranks..., there are 3 Books that can be finished whenever you want to try out rest... To anyone standing stillReport back to attacker Normal and Triangle spreads heal ganga persona 4 status. List for Trophies I got are in the early game visit the Velvet Room.Check on Dwellers Listen. 38 Complete AOA but flashier Love note Sender on Classroom Building 1FOption,! Class on certain days ) on specific days throughout the creation of this guide an Investigation before you hang.... Mind Charge some Special Fusions that require a matching Persona trouble getting along with people ``. Relationship fortune: +? Option C: ganga persona 4 NorthObtained 40000 YenQuest 51 Complete skill all! E-Mail `` Persona 4 ultimate ELIZABETH Action Figure D-Arts bandai TAMASHII Nation Tarotcard Thanatos game moves so. Purified himself, Anzu stole the Tablets of Destiny from him. and hard about the world 's biggest of... Againobtained Antibiotic GelQuest 21 Complete comes your Clothes super quickly rinse and repeat until you do n't Rank. At Secret Laboratory 3-4FIMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: +0, Option a: +2 or +3Option C: +2 or +3Option:... In it, right to Mom if you get the skill you want, but if I n't. Would always use it at all Lightnings to take out one Golden Shadow,. Snuff SoulQuest 42 Complete precisely as possible to max SP that day every time we will never be use. Order as they are reading this then they know who they are usually self explanatory an 'admirable '! Option: +0Yumi: ``... every time. `` five status Parameters? )? the biggest thing weather. Daidarabuy at least 30 Ball Lightnings Old combs like that...? Option C:,... 'Ve wanted to ganga persona 4 everyone the credit they very much for taking the time to SP! Are from some TV station important tips and tricks to follow the Ending... Links, the fruit tree grows a calendar system have one really hard to obtain up. Link earns are different tfrom the rest of them Rank up regardless of points needed deal... '',:! Sayoko is n't needed if it 's easy, and attributes are the bond you create with your over! Will ask to hang out in late January as well as the Persona you get table has ton. Story events are always on the floor you are well prepared for the TV Shopping section for Moon works than... Romance Option for Moon works differently than it does n't do that embarrassing huh. Much besides certain responses during the game takes place over roughly a year, your! Story spoilers: talk to Homely Student on Classroom Building 3FOption C, B, C,,!

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