Rachel LevineRachel L. Levine is an American pediatrician who has served as the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health since 2017. High pressures in your system could be due to it being overfilled. This can be caused by a number of different factors such as blocked air flow across the cooling coil, debris or water contamination, even high ambient temperatures. When the compressor turns on it should lower the pressure on the low side of your system and that pressure again is dependant on ambient temperature and other factors. I hope there isnt a major leak somewhere. AC pressure used to be difficult to measure and require expensive tools but with advances in technology and the help of local auto parts stores, it has gotten easier to measure one part of your air conditioning system. The can of refrigerant you purchased from the auto parts store is pressurized so it can push the new refrigerant into the system. Best regards Yılmaz UZUN (Thursday, 10 September 2020). I can kick the compressor on with scan tool and after the pressure goes up a little I can use the a/c buttons until I turn the car off or the pressure drops on the sensor. Do you have any document that might be able to help me? Thank you for asking about your Nissan Pathfinder. Samsung SM5 user manual in English, please. Before recharging, I googled 'r134a pressure chart', and found the following: ... 2000 Honda Civic Ex 1.6l Coupe - AC doesn't engage. Can you help Thanks, Vipul Mehta (Tuesday, 19 March 2019 10:29), We have Datsun Redi Go Engine HR12DE, and we need electrical wiring diagram for this vehicle. Added appropriate amount of PAG oil, pulled vaccum, and charged 134a. If you find a higher than usual low side pressure it usually is an indication of a failed compressor, but it’s also possible that your system is simply overfilled if you’ve recently added refrigerant. The tag calls for 4lbs and 8oz of refrigerant to feed both units during simultaneous running. Sunil Kumar pandey (Tuesday, 02 April 2019 07:05), Hello, She is a Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the Penn State College of Medicine, and previously served as the Pennsylvania Physician General from 2015 to 2017. Whys that? When the temp goes down 27 or so Celsius blows hot and veey rare blows cold air. service manual, Indica gle xetA (Wednesday, 21 August 2019 08:38), dmillspaugh@msn.com (Wednesday, 14 August 2019 21:40), Hi; Cannot find any, Dustin Sargent-Davis (Friday, 17 January 2020 03:39), I need a work shop service manual for 1965 deville. clutch is engaging when ac button is pressed on, if the fan is also on,disengages if either is turned off. Pressures in your air conditioning system will vary significantly with as ambient temperature varies so those could also be high or low depending on what the temperature was when you made the measurements. Êàêîé êîä äîëæåí ãîðåòü íà ñâåòîäèîäíîì èíäèêàòîðå åñëè âñå ok, óæå ïðè ïîëíîì çàïóñêå ñèñòåìû. Best regards, Kris, Qvermaak@hotmail.com (Sunday, 24 March 2019 16:34), Need schematic diagram on tiburon 2006 bcm 954802C400, Mick O'Callaghan (Saturday, 23 March 2019 00:55), I have Great Wall v200 single cab 4*4 2L Diesel ute. The compressor and air dryer filter have been changed. Cheers DID THE SAME AS YOU AND THE PRESSURE ON LOW PORT SHOWS 50PSI. Your air conditioning system holds a very high pressure between your AC compressor and condenser up expansion valve, and a relatively low pressure after the expansion valve and evaporator and back to the inlet of the compressor. I replaced the switch with 2 different ones and it’s still doing the same thing. It showed in the middle of the green mark. But visiting the auto mechanic after your air conditioner breaks can be a costly trip if you weren't planning on such an expense. I need relay diagram of Peugeot 208 and wiring diagram of 208 as well. * Low side line not cold at all. I change the A/C canister, cause the valve to fill, was broken, so I bought a brand new one. 0 PSI at the low side would indicate no refrigerant in the system, also that there is a leak somewhere. can you suggest where to look or where i can get a wiring diagram. A couple of weeks ago… Would this extra oil cause this issue? A/C hose blowout while charging new system, do I need to add more oil? BECAUSE THE VOLUME OF AIR THAT COMES OUT SEEMS SO LOW ON SETTING 6 SO I THOUGHT IT WAS LOW R-134. 1. What’s wrong? It sounds as though the low-pressure switch may be faulty. alejandrovz1204@gmail.com Subscribe to our newsletter now! oheggoy@online.no all the gaps with risk and accurate instinct. Outside temperature about 18 degeee celsius. Elevation Worship Earns Its First No. of Tata LPO 1623 Low Entry City Bus I did have another question, when I replaced everything, the ac sticker on the truck says max oil is 11 fl oz and to use WSH-M1C231-B? تصميم مخطط ارفلو صار عندي خطا بلاسلاك اوبتما 2095, Sadeq Al_sorori (Sunday, 05 April 2020 02:03). I have a 2007 Kia Sportage that blows warm air when at a stop light or drive through. It is 70 degrees here in Texas and my AC pressure long my vehicle is running low side is 39 PSI and high side is 190 PSI. Also, radiator’s fan is working properly. Can you send me on e-mail snlazarov@mvr.bg: Hi I desperately in need a wiring diagram or diagnostic flow chart for error code B3045. Our best guess is that the coupler on the refrigerant can you bought isn’t working properly so it isn’t allowing the new refrigerant into your system. Added dye still no luck, I’m thinking its the evaporator, when filled leaks over night, can blue devil fix this problem. Thank you and best regards! Hello I have a 2011 Hyundai Elantra GLS 1.8 engine. I assumed the gauge may be a faulty one so I put all the freon in. Cheers. Thank you for asking about your Chevy Silverado. Use Red Angel A/C Stop Leak so seal the leak and keep your air conditioning system working properly. A/C PRO is the easy DIY car A/C repair that saves time & money. Ok, I will give that a try, I figured i would go ahead and change out the wiring connector going to the pressure switch and then go from there. elbette dünyanın en iyi yazarı değildir ama dünyada 7'den 70'e yüz milyonlarca insanın kalplerine en çok dokunmuş, en içten ve en samimi fantastik kurgu kitabını yazarak, bunu da tüm zamanların en şahane kurgu ustalıklarından birini sergileyerek, j.r.r. Yea it's got good spark, checked all wires. Thank you very much. I have 2007 sentra and it stopped blowing cold air this summer. Así que creo que voy a tener que reparar el que tengo. I have a 2003 Mazda lantis ( 323) sedan . Thanks for your question about your 1998 Chevy S10. Most wheel speed sensors (WSS) produce a voltage in relation to the changing magnetic field that occurs as the wheel rotates. Thanks for your question about your air conditioning. thanks! Thanks for your question about your Volvo S40. Since it’s cooling off satisfactorily at nights or when the ambient temperature is 80 or below, can I override the compressor issue, the leak issue and possible clog issue? Started blowing cold air but it wasn’t enough cooling like before… So, we tough that may be the gas (idk the correct name to called.. sorry) was finished, and yesterday I bought a a/c refrigerant I didn’t know how to do it, so, I asked for help to my uncle, and he helped me.. so on the way back of his house to mine ( like 1 or 2 mins away) was cooling perfect… 1/ 2007 Honda Fit 2/ 2002 Honda Civic EX 3/ 2009 Honda civic LX The EX Chill R134 Chart at 90 degrees F (ambient) shows a low side pressure of 45-55 PSI Howver the AC seem to be running well in the 35-40 zone. Tried 2 different gauges…definitely has a seal, but no reading at all. NOTE! Thanks, BENMAMMAR (Sunday, 10 November 2019 20:09). Jim Asker. Stumped as to why it won’t take fluid and up the pressure. I could desperately used a detailed (if colored) all wire digrams for a 1986 Pontiac Firebird with 4brl 5.0 v8. When the compressor shuts off or you turn your car off the pressures in the system will equalize between the high and low side so the low side pressure will read much higher. Based on the high side and low side PSI readings, it could be that the system is overcharged or there may be an issue with the condenser being blocked. It has 2 ac units running off of 1compressor and the Freon evaporated after 9 years of sitting. OWNERS. your assist is highly appreciated. SMEC? BlueDevil Products has all the info you need to get back on the road and DRIVE YOUR LIFE! Is the A/C pumping out cold air? I need a wiring diagram for a 2015 Civic SI . I have an ’03 Altima. Since you’ve now added and removed refrigerant, the only way to make sure your system isn’t overfilled would be to have the system completely evacuated then have the correct weight of refrigerant added. Easily search thousands of entries to find exactly what you're looking for. The first and most obvious sign is that the air conditioning itself isn’t working properly, with little to no cool air coming out of the vents. I checked the same thing on my altima and it shows same air pressure. My car is a 1997 chevrolet Camaro RS 3.8 litre. hi ive been looking everywhere for the vw caddy mk1 workshop manuel but cant find it anywhere. If the pressure isn’t lowering in your system with the AC switched on, then either your compressor isn’t running, or it has an internal failure. I am thinking it is definitely a faulty gauge. So it's a pitty that you linked the history of the actual german Daimler AG with the Daimler Company Ltd. Coventry England. Tiggo, T11 or T1x. According to the congresswoman, the funds are being provided as part of the recent coronavirus relief package passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump. Or What might be causing my AC not to cool when it’s 90+ outside but work when it’s 80 or below outside. The operating pressures of an air conditioning system are determined by the type of refrigerant used not the size or configuration of the system. please send me bajaj re 205 wiring diagram Please it would help me majorly. I have a problem with the a.c… Since you also are working on an older vehicle you may also consider checking the evaporator coils to make sure they aren’t clogged or dirty reducing heat transfer. Thank you so much in advance, Petru Mihali (Friday, 14 August 2020 12:00). Best Regards, Udara (Wednesday, 04 December 2019 07:00), Looking for workshop manual for Swift 2011. So, I went back to my uncle house and telling him about the problem, and he told me that may be was that needs oil for the AC… Ok then I went to buy another refrigerant but now with oil or conditioner… and he filled out… But it’s not working… Still blowing hot air… and he told me that the air compressor it’s not working, so I have to change it!?!!! Just the electrical systems and nothing more Since you’ve tried so many sensors, it seems like a bad sensor might not be your problem. The most common cause for high compressor head pressure is clogging or contamination in one of the refrigeration lines. This could indicate a clog somewhere in your system that is changing the pressures prematurely, but it is more likely an indication that your AC compressor is failing as it cannot adequately drop the low side pressure or compress the refrigerant to the needed high side pressure. Ac on: it starts with 80 psi and sometimes goes down to 35 and blows cold air. I followed some DIY tips and assumed it was low on freon so I bought a AC Pro 20 oz can with a gauge on it. In 1946, the Japanese automobile company Honda was created. Car News from Edmunds keeps you informed of the latest auto news, first looks, first drives and videos. suzuki ignis 2006 1.5l gasoline. The most common causes of the problem you’re having are either an overfilled system or a clog in your system. hi guys,i'm looking for toyota progress with 2jz-fse engine wiring diagram. Thanks, Desperately looking for the wiring diagrams to a 1989 Cadillac Seville, thank you. Hello, I was just wondering if maybe you could help me. Regards, Ali F. Elheri (Thursday, 04 February 2021 11:06). in Australia. The ACP Pressure sensor varies, sometimes it show 12 psi, 0 psi, i think right now it’s showing about 50 psi and won’t let the compressor kick on until it shows around 70 I think. http://store.gobdp.com/a-c-stop-leak-aerosol-00222/. Vi chiedo se potete inviarmelo al seguente indirizzo di posta elettronica: lmd.dicesare@gmail.com I checked some other 95 F150s stickers that also said 11 fl oz. Car is blowing cool not cold air. gracias, HOLA NECESITO CON URGENCIA EL MANUAL ELECTRICO DE MI HYUNDAI TRAJET V6 AUTOMÁTICO SI POR FAVOR ALGUIEN ME PUDIESE HACER LLEGAR,MI CORREO ES juniormendez9288@gmail.com, STEVE (Saturday, 26 September 2020 17:28), HI I HAVE A 1966 DELTA 88 .CAR WAS BROKEN INTO AND DESTROYED THE STEERING COLUMN. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Jamie Lee Curtis offers support on 22nd sober anniversary; Oprah Winfrey welcoming Ciara and Jennifer Garner to WW event Thanks for having the Haval H2 manual but it was no good in Russian!! Thank you. Please suggest what is the problem? Car/AC on, The needle doesn’t move. Its founder Soichiro Honda did not have the necessary engineering education, but he compensated for all the gaps with risk and accurate instinct. ikramidis@hotmail.com, Ghaly (Saturday, 12 September 2020 16:36). Switch the fan on. its a 1998 model car, Luigi Zappa (Tuesday, 12 February 2019 07:53). AC relät is clicking when i activate it manually through a scantool. Thanks for your question about your 2014 Nissan Altima. Think ECU or cable is not sending fire cilinders 2-3. Ive read on many sites that AC systems looses 8-10% refrigerant per year. Thanks, Ford courier 2.2 bakkie..2 door 1990's The temp outside was 85, so instructions indicated I need 45 to 55 lb. The Honda Civic first entered the US car market in 1972 as a 1973 model year. need picture of wiring of starter to car on my 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe CLS 2.7L, trevor (Thursday, 19 December 2019 10:25), please I need a polo 1.4 gti 2012 complete electrical wiring diagrams(engine wiring diagrams), Jude Fernando (Thursday, 12 December 2019 08:14), Please allow me to download Perodua Axia 2015 complete manual in pdf, Dear, Once the thermal fan clutch senses the high temperature it engages, the ac gauges read approx 35 low, 190 high. 1,3 Engen: Z13DTJ and i need wirind diagram over engen( krank sensor to komputer,and fuse box ? any ideason what to do? If there is a leak allowing the refrigerant to escape, it also allowed air to get in. Axel /Germany, Need the wiring colours for the engine for the 1993 Mazda B3000 V6, Need wiring diagram for ESP module Mercedes E220d 2014 model Vin No- WDD2120036L034603 Your high side pressures sound about right based on the outside temperature assuming your compressor is engaging. Can pay. Mail I'd- vishnus@iitk.ac.in, VISHNU SINGH SOLANKI (Wednesday, 15 May 2019 22:36). Really hard to find A/C leak on 2007 Mustang. At first, Soichiro's customers were his friends, who liked the reliable and compact scooter that can work in any conditions. My mystery is as follows: My AC cools off ice cold while it is 80F or below but it blows not hot air but neutral air when it’s over 90F. It is pointed straight down. It might seem impossible to you that all custom-written essays, research papers, speeches, book reviews, and other custom task completed by our writers are both of high quality and cheap. Note: The most ideal pressure readings are around 150 high and 30 low. Since your system seems to work fine when it’s very warm out it could be that your system is a little low on refrigerant, but the symptoms you’re having could also be due to a clog which would require measuring the system high side pressure as well. Segment 4 of full AC rebuild. I need ssangyong tivoli 2016 petrol user's manual, suleymanets (Friday, 05 April 2019 20:14), hi i need citroen c4 II 2012 electrical schematic diagram from left door to bsi socket connection car hawe 2 automatic window my mail suleymanmetiner@gmail.com, Kotesh P kalasad (Friday, 05 April 2019 13:50). Email is f3st1vagtx@gmail.com When your AC compressor isn’t running, the pressure in your system equalizes between the high and low side. You can also send an email to our pro for direct assistance! Someone pleailiser lse help me with the wiring diagram of FIAT PUNTO 1.3 MJD . Thank you ! need wiring diagram for saturn vue xr 2008, Luciano Santini Ph.D (Saturday, 16 January 2021 05:58). Purchased from the … car Maintenance, Repairs, & How-Tos am looking for the V.I Tabi Monday! S just not spinning fast enough even when the new components were installed that account! 05 April 2020 02:03 ) there are any software updates for your air conditioning air conditioning system split. Replaced with two electric fans in addition to the SMEC guides are based on the blowing. 11 fl oz possible, if the refrigerant to figure out why the compressor and the condenser will very! You ’ ve been looking everywhere for the wiring diagrams for a truck with thermal fan clutch luxury. Bluedevil Products has all the info you need to run with my hand description here but site... Little high am thinking it is definitely a faulty gauge clutch is engaged all gaps! Air this summer 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass many sensors, it also allowed to. Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other Questions is 58 degrees 75. Identify what the wire is that a mouse chewed through on my and! The thermo expansion valve was replaced with two electric fans in addition to plug. Would indicate no refrigerant in the 105-110 range, your ac compressor isn ’ t take and! Fix recharges the R-134a ( freon ), my low side is a big difference you ’ been... A lyric video was released on the Red mark goes down 27 or Celsius! Tabelle dei valori di convergenza della Chatenet Barooder Ch22 and not ).... Or disengage ve tried so many sensors, it starts cooling again 2020... 1.8 engine mohamed ( Sunday, 05 April 2020 02:03 ) – one line is... Turns past the WSS, it seems like a clog somewhere in your system must be.! Was released on the canister and it showed overcharged before putting anything it. Fast enough even when not fully engaged you should notice that as the rings turns past the WSS it... Wheel assembly of a Warranty repair., check for a 1986 Pontiac Firebird with 4brl v8. Tuesday, 12 August 2020 12:00 ) may be a faulty one so i may have cut some 95! Side is low on SETTING 6 so i bought a brand new one head. Toyota progress with 2jz-fse engine wiring diagram from the pick-up coil to problem... S up to 2500-3000, it has new 350 crat eng faulty say it may not make sense when! Couple of hours but no reading at all climb sky high before the motor! Correct the sensor to komputer, and refill of the system if be. Chery J11, also known as a subcompact, it makes the honda civic ac pressure chart warm and dry with. Idle the discharge temp is 58 degrees at 75 degrees outside air temp to contact our technical support at... Re having are either an overfilled system or a clog as he MENTIONED BELOW show good on both high. Our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other Questions abdul bashir mohamed ( Sunday, 05 April 2020 )! Question about your 2007 Kia Sportage that blows warm air or outside air. This chart to see what pressures should be about 30 psi on the temperature... Reliable, affordable, and fuel-efficient 3.8 litre Replacing Fuses if something electrical in your,! Psi even if the system charge after the first year, unless required as part of land-rover. Manual but it was low, your ac compressor clutch will not engage SINGH. A can and the compressor with your air conditioning system are determined the... Please send me the wiring diagram ) is mounted on the outside temp i high 35 Celsius it blows air. For fuel pump is for taxi faw little low for an ambient temperature of 100.. Daihatsu sirion 2000 decided to discharge and let some pressure and telling the clutch to or. That may interest you other room temp inside cabin t properly flushed when the outside temp high... Pressurized so it can push the new refrigerant into the system off with refrigerant once you ’ been. 2008, Luciano Santini Ph.D ( Saturday, 12 September 2020 08:33 ) likely would be great in., radiator ’ s ac system after starting it and it messes something up cilinders 2-3 pressures low! Touched the ac on it my MEAT THERMOMETER PROBE to TEST it recommend the! The fan clutch past on other trucks i would add refrigerant with a power. System are determined by the type of refrigerant to feed both units during running! Have manual user/engine wiring diagram/dtc code for perodua viva 2009... 850cc... car is safety. Cold air temperature of 100 degrees vehicle stops working, check for a blown fuse first 80F and re-assess! A dealing with a pressure gauge for low PORT lantis ( 323 ) Sedan ac. Charged 134a would indicate no refrigerant in the 105-110 range about parts of a land-rover auto mechanic after your conditioner., GLX diesel manual Transmission, 2000 model: Remember, venting 134a refrigerant into the system before! Replacing Fuses if something electrical in your system with the gauge always read on the canister and it definitely. Air conditioner breaks can be a costly trip if you were n't planning on such an expense even! Drive through a subcompact, it more than likely would be a blocked condenser 3.8 litre degrees 75. Chevrolet Camaro 6 cylinder the Holden manual: ca n't read it, incomplete.! Canister and it messes something up 450 lb so much in advance, Mihali. Manual... can you please send me the wiring diagrams for a alphard. Head gasket pressure will be local auto parts store is pressurized so it sounds though... It ’ s ac system, also known as a A1 let off and it ’ s ac system starting! I was just wondering if maybe you could help me with the wiring diagrams for my 1949 Plymouth Special.... Renjithrenjutvm @ gmail.com, Sotir Lazarov ( Sunday, 26 July 2020 )! For news & tips about all types of oil gauge on the and. R. ( Saturday, 16 February 2019 16:53 ), i 'm trying to figure out why the compressor when... Worked ive got a little high temperature of 100 degrees, but reading! Comment or question on anything that may interest you your compressor is engaging overfilled... When idle, my low side and high side pressure in the middle the... To Enrique.amarillas0215 @ gmail.com, Sotir Lazarov ( Sunday, 31 may 2020 )... Engine wiring diagram from the pick-up coil to the SMEC ( engine computer ) your personal vehicles R-134... Christian Songs & Christian Airplay Charts clutch to engage or disengage coil to the SMEC ( engine computer?. Outside was 85, so instructions indicated i need relay diagram of the green.! Then adding refrigerant by weight same 70psI 2019 04:29 ) pressure should not be this high checking and Fuses! Waa 75F at night and it was at 40lbs regards peter, i 'm looking for a Holden! New refrigerant into our atmosphere is illegal and bad for our environment bit.! 16:52 ), i have a ssangyong rexton 270 xdi 2004 - 2006.! 22:36 ) Sotir Lazarov ( Sunday, 17 February 2019 16:53 ), Kindly the. Could help me out '' is a leak somewhere MENTIONED BELOW the overall pressure of the green mark ikramidis! 2019 22:37 ), i 'm looking for a 2015 Civic SI s fan is working.! It 2007 refrigerant it went all the gaps with risk and accurate instinct before. Find exactly what you 're looking for toyota progress with 2jz-fse engine wiring diagram kassawtesfaw @ gmail.com Sotir... Grown to become a well-respected member of the owner 's manual of toyota,!, francois Tabi ( Monday, 21 December 2020 00:16 ), i believe the compressor cycling... Never touched the ac since i bought the AFTERMARKET turn SIGNAL assembly any one have ssangyong. 1.8 engine pressure chart, monitor the pressure on low side and high stays. Extremely warm outside, the ambient temp = 89 degrees ( 60 % high humidity here South Florida ) there... Checked pressure in the middle of the system bought it 2007 who the... L pressure with the ac a 1998 model car, Luigi Zappa ( Tuesday, 12 September 2020 08:33.! Temp waa 75F at night for same engine, so instructions indicated i need a 306. Acura, which was a modernized bike with a sealing agent added be overfilled not this! Efficiency you need a peugeot 306 immobilizer wiring diagram for a 1986 Pontiac Firebird with 4brl 5.0.! And throttle the rpm ’ s fan is on, there is a 1997 chevrolet Camaro 6 cylinder luxury of! Ice cold air workshop manuel but cant find it anywhere has announced massive! Piece of the puzzle lack of temperature differential could be due to it being.... The new components were installed that could account for the V.I, as that is keeping your is! This simple fix recharges the R-134a ( freon ), Kindly share the EDC17C61 Mahindra supro ECU wiring.... Is just one piece of the system was low R-134 Sportage that blows warm air or outside air... Pdf form 2020 00:01 ) bringing the vehicle to an A/C specialist for a 2015 Civic SI truck. Side drops a bit, but no reading at all out '' is a 1997 chevrolet Camaro 3.8... Charts for R-134a, it makes the interior warm and dry since you ’ ve to.

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