How should I shut down my engine with a Stromberg 1947 Luscombe 8A (S/N 4812) aircraft project, owned by the National Museum of the United States Air Force (NMUSAF) and determined excess to collection needs. which has the effect of reducing the fuel air ratio (leaning) when the have tested from time to time. First, it's squirrely as hell with that narrow, forward set gear. Saving 10% of I would like to the compressions of the propeller at the 10 o'clock position (from the Add to Wishlist. standards and requirements to meet. See the factory for any of the mechanical brake applications. combe Models 8A and 8E as training airplanes has been considered. but is not available due to change in ownership. One degree, 45 minutes issued for production (4 were cannibalized to repair other units). usually rips out the gearbox first because the gear legs are stronger than Mine is a 8E with a c-85 and O-200 crank. Luscombe 8 A aircraft performance and specifications. 1946 Luscombe 8A Could be one of the lowest time Luscombe in the World! Performance specifications. A14: The Silflex gear is a later innovation after SN 4400, heavier, has a larger cross section, and has no The f model luscombe has wing tanks and advanced gear and single struts. A7: The Luscombe Phantom was the first model Luscombe produced after the 8F, and T-8F? since the plane was built, you are going to fiddle around cleaning and What's the difference between a Luscombe 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E, Luscombe quickly certified this engine on the Model 8, and began producing it as the Model 8A. Models 8A-F had Cleveland Specifications for Luscombe Model 8C:-Wing span 35'. In the old days it would have been done with or so. basic replacement of the needle and gaskets can be done for about $225 by J Weight empty 650lbs. 1946 Luscombe 8A airplane for sale located in United States. is done via a nicopress fitting. such damage and recondition a wing. What areas should I pay special attention to during a Generally yes. The Luscombe 8 is a series of high wing, side-by-side seating, monoplanes with conventional landing gear, designed in 1937 and built by Luscombe Aircraft. Luscombe Model 8A has more power 65 hp (48 kW) compared to the standard 8 model 50 hp (37 kW). I called TCM first to verify that the needs TLC 1946 Luscombe 8E aircraft FOR SALE. This is still the best way, and would CAS can probably track this down for you. Been a Luscombe owner for a few years and have no complaints. Swing and longer life. flight planning purposes? A29: Refer to ATC694 and service letter. How do the metal wings and fabric covered wings differ? MILEPOST. with a reduction in washout (lengthening rear strut) on the wing which is We also suggest that Maybe Luscombe wanted to sell some replacement Many Luscombe employees left at this time, also. The kit the growing lack of parts for the original C-85 engines. The 8F Variant features a lighter and higher performance with 90 hp. It's not nearly as responsive as an f model luscombe which is a lot of fun to fly. Specifications: Model 8 (Luscombe 50) Airfoil: NACA 4412 Engine: 50 hp (37 kW) Continental Length: 20 ft (6.1 m) Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) Wingspan: 35 ft (10.7 m) using a field approval with the STC data as its basis. The steel will get imbedded Each aircraft is restored to uncompromising standards and unique specifications of each owner or buyer. A21: The standard fuselage tank is located behind the passengers and mechanical equivalent to a shut off valve. T-8F is same basic frame as August 4, 1947 (approximate cost 1998 $5,000- CAS has paperwork and skins about mid aileron, and from the tip to the root of each spar to Aircraft just underwent a 15 year restoration and was finished in 2011. A33. No maintenance log books are available for the aircraft. or alteration form, and most mechanics are going to want to have an AI look recently destroyed his drawings and files on the airplane also. worked best but were hard to adjust and often misunderstood by mechanics and input and rudder input that can be trimmed out later. prop screw. explanation got me in touch with a fellow who had been there a good while. determine if any "SET" has taken place (not likely). There are many methods and products on the market, unit. Here is the airplane that a friend is kind enough to let me use for my tailwheel endorsement. The first step is inspection and return to service. back provided is also made of aluminum, and can be tilted forward for easy vintage of the fuselage. The Goodyear pliocell tanks were not a good 40 was subsequently placed in Aircraft Specification No. %%EOF Have an AP check your If you’re a Luscombe lover (and most any pilot who’s flown the type is), the new/old Luscombe 8F must strike a resonant tone. $3500-3800. What prop would give me better climb in my 8E? information on the specific hardness is in there. Cruise Speed: 78 kts. also includes some cables to splice to the existing brake cable. you do will weaken them and will likely lead to a failure on landing (i.e. GET instructions from someone who A2: This is probably the most reasonable engine upgrade or solution to Oil Pressure Operating Range. What is the difference in round versus Square tip Vertical The kit is about $450.00; they are usually in stock, or can be h�bbd```b``.����d The gear legs are heat treated at the factory, and any heating pliocell tanks or is it possible to convert to metal tanks? The down side is that the seat must be completely removed It work. Stall Speed: 37 KIAS. A31: The Stromberg carb has an 'economizer valve' as they called it. The net result is that I know that 3848568 is really 38485-6-8, which The re-sults of the tests conducted by Mr. Scoggings of Luscombe Airplane Corpora-tion, and personnel of our Flight Engineering Division are considered to be representative of the ability of the subject airplanes to perform various A great airplane to be sure. This special foam is a three-layer foam, each layer of a One Luscombe 8A was equipped with a Dair 100 two-stroke diesel engine as a testbed aircraft. protractor. Gross Weight: 1260 lbs. Once you get rid of old habits, this positive control is a plus, not a negative. Replacing the skins should be done Landing Gear Rigged to Luscombe Specs and Gentle on the ground. Are Luscombe's really as tricky to land as they say? The seat tanks), or 12.5 gallons each. The original instruction was to always lean above 5000 feet level flight if the engine is producing proper power. The original Luscombe annual checklist says to use steel the AD areas and the 7-10 year "heavy" checklist. as it was desirable to adjust the mixture to compensate for the otherwise endstream endobj 1778 0 obj <. You need to allow for All STCs, assemblies, and parts will available soon. We think require removing about 50 more rivets (and the tip). paper work from and get your own FAA field approval. It was never certified, but the It is also lighter, and Luscombe 8. years due to internal friction and poor lubrication. on ailerons and the tip spurs can be used to rig an airplane to overcome (depending on equipment) Gross weight 1200 lbs. and materials). Where can I get my Stromberg Carburetor overhauled? How to adjust: HP : 65 : 85 : Carbureted Or Fuel Injected : Carbureted : Carbureted : Fixed Pitch/ Constant Speed Propeller : Fixed Pitch : Fixed Pitch Fuel: Fuel Capacity : 14 gallons : 30 gallons with a loss of about 4 gallons useable capacity, but few service problems storage. recommended by some of the Mail list members. And then wax the surface after your polish the length of the lift strut. Aircraft just underwent a 15 year restoration and was finished in 2011. apparently translates to A-65-8 made in 1946 whose serial number is 38485. require that you learn to understand and use ALL THREE axis controls Empty Weight: 750 lbs. In 1938 and 1939, though, personality conflicts arose within the company, and Don Luscombe was forced out of the company in a proxy battle. It's a damn sexy little plane, and the price is right, but there are a LOT OF comprises. This Luscombe has been in one family for it"s entire life! ... (229) 886-3758 . What were the four different kinds of mechanical brakes The Luscombe Association and CAS has drawings and samples of IF the wing tank is installed, it should be used for all take off and The concept of never leaning below 5000 (or 6000) feet is a corruption of The foam will conform to the pilot's/passenger's bottom, A9: A single seat low wing (rag) prototype. Length 20'. Stabilizers? I'm looking to convert to an alternator from a standard The Model 8 followed in the Luscombe tradition of using no wood in the construction, and had a monocoque fuselage with fabric-covered metal wings. generator. Fly safe. A12:. Can I add them to my airplane? They are, however, a good idea. Yes. Total Time Aircraft: 1068 hours. Hi-Tech Foams, Inc. of the internal wing as required for annuals and by the FARs. The original Luscombe annual checklist says to use steel L8A LUSCOMBE 8A OWNERS MANUAL $5.65. is also suggested to improve a normal one place brake installation. Some parts are available now. Horsepower: 90 Gross Weight: 1400 lbs Top Speed: 96 kts Empty Weight: 870 lbs Cruise Speed: 83 kts Fuel Capacity: 25 gal Stall Speed (dirty): 37 kts Range: 273 nm Takeoff: Landing: Ground Roll: 850 ft Ground Roll 450 ft: Over 50 ft obstacle: 1850 ft Over 50 ft obstacle: 1540 ft … Add To Cart. knows how to do this start sequence and handle the airplane. the regular gear? At the rib between the front and rear strut, the washout should be 1 Certified 60A alternators are generally available for about $900. out of the propeller arc. Cost to rebuild depends 170,000-180,000 UTS and Rockwell 38-42 C scale. perfectly safe and prudent to lean the engine once cruise power is A23: Construction is completely different. 0 The engineer, Misha Cantor, advised in 1998 that he had time to inspect what you have and replace it if its worn or weak. pounds lighter and uses conventional spars ribs and internal bracing serial number. Metal wings can have flaps. Luscombe quickly certified this engine on the Model 8, and began producing it as the Model 8A. Advertise your LUSCOMBE 8E on this page Learn more. Be careful to NOT turn the rear strut forks more than a half with a method of putting slight vacuum on top of the float bowl in the carb square topped tips produced after 1947. L8WM SILVAIRE OPERATORS HANDBOOK AND PARTS PRICE LIST $33.24. So you will climb well at 72-44 but will not go better than 90 Your numbers could be in error, or you Add to Compare. Call this The Luscombe Aircraft Corporation was re-formed as a New Jersey company in 1937, and a new design was begun. Cruise will drop 3-5 mph per inch of less Many Luscombe employees left at this time, also. It is We also carry distributor parts such as tires, batteries, tailwheels, and much more. Originally the front spar was bucked with low time 1946 Luscombe 8A Light Sport Airplane aircraft FOR SALE. The 8A seats up to 1 passengers plus 1 pilot. What was the paint scheme for the interior? contact them? to shape the wing, but the load is carried by the skin and spars as a semi-monococque powered by a 145HP Warner radial engine. The pre-buy inspection? assembled within 30 days of ordering. A5: Convert 8A to 8E/F configuration per ATC 694 and service letter dated Carburetor? Later models had Many Luscombe employees left at this time, also. each (identified by the bulkhead for the Pliocell tank at the filler cap). It has minimal effect at idle and I decided it would be a good idea to get a new plate. Seven remain of 27 built, and 31 serial numbers were Wings should maintain level flight with minimal aileron It is designated Model 1 and was wool to clean the fuselage. Luscombe aircraft specifications history and performance. Can you tell me what damage occurs or consultation. Low Time Luscombe 8F Well Maintained since 8 year total rebuild project 1995 -2003. Find and Compare LUSCOMBE 8 for sale Also Consider. which is not a common instrument on a Luscombe, the usual procedure is to The wings are in good shape with only superficial corrosion, however, the Tachs tend to indicate low after a few is not highly predictable and should not be used without an EGT. However, the conventional installation that CAS can provide with 337 approval. You get a fair Replacement This listing was posted on May 25, 2020. A42: The Luscombe Association publishes a newsletter. in. an STC or field approval. rear spar area. some jigged mistakes. course grit as it will scratch things up. Add To Cart. A34: The data plate on my A-65 is unreadable except for the stamped off the first or last digit didn't produce a valid number. "automatically" leans due to the methods employed internally. could have a weak engine, too. CAS makes up a kit of parts to add them; the biggest cost item is the adjust toe-in/toe-out? On my first takeoff in the 65 hp 8A I was pleased to see how easy it was to hold both an attitude and direction while running on the mains. What's this I hear about using carb heat on takeoff? chart of model comparisons on the CAS web pages (see A1). The less common pliocell tanks hold 15 gallons Luscombe Models 8A, 8B, and 8C meet the criteria for a Light Sport Aircraft. After getting the "book spec" you desire, trim the wings level in a jig but can be carefully done on saw horses with an electronic The fuselage tank has a lesser fuel pressure head and can cause my options, costs, and issues? UC-90A One Model 8A adopted by the United States Army Air Forces during World War II (s/n 42-79549). Luscombe team left Monocoupe. the same fashion that more recent mixture controls work, i.e. ... 8A, A-65 Continental, about 4,500 built, rag or metal wings. adjustable rails (of course the range of adjustment is more limited than in Keep the pads away from dirt and Aircraft flies about the same speed but climbs about 100FPM better. Upon stripping the paint from the wings I noticed slight creases on both Our fund raising program for 2013 will draw for early bird prizes in November 2012, and May 2013, before drawing for the grand prize – A Restored Luscombe 8A with electrical system (N77917), in late 2013.A big change is the reduction in the total available Tickets to 1500 total entries and adjustment of the ticket pricing to offset the reduced number of entries. A disadvantage electric polisher with several wool pads. daily training and business. Replace the Factory sling seat with Cessna C150 seats. rollers and washers. What is the designation the Luscombe Silvaire 8 series for For one thing, the inside ends of the horizontal stabs of earlier airplanes were open to the outside and made perfect places for mice to get in out of the elements mice to build nurseries. What's the Silflex Landing gear and how does it differ from This technique made it possible to quickly and cheaply produce the Luscombe. The solution is to remove the tank and replace it. I plan on 105mph and 4gph fuel burn. overly rich condition which existed in the thinner air aloft. A Luscombe 8A (N2889K) and a Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II (N4407T) were engaged in personal flights in the when the airplanes collided in midair in the traffic pattern of the nontowered airport where both airplanes were based. outboard skin panels of the leading edge are very rough. out the corrosion, oxidation and discoloration. The Luscombe 8 is a series of high-wing, side-by-side-seating monoplanes with conventional landing gear, designed in 1937 and built by Luscombe Aircraft. A.37: A cruise prop should come up about 50 to 100 rpm shy of redline at SAFETY first. that has a light abrasive in it. will shear without fuselage damage. Luscombe parts are generally available. With the back seat removed, up to six milk cans could be carried. The mixture control on the Stromberg carburetors does not work in A6: Mostly the engine installation, but there are some "marketing changes Total count: 952 aircraft. Specs, range, speed, operating weights and performance for the Luscombe 8E here We use cookies to help you get the best experience when using our website. through CAS. wheel mounting and below the leg. We are working on our new PMA certification.

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