Certified Ceiling ft/m 25,000/7,620 Cruise Speed (10,000 ft) knts/km 184/341 Range (10,000 ft) nm/km Includes takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and 45 min. reserve at max. >>>>> Caravans only carry 12 to 18 skydivers compared with 20 to 24 in a Twin Otter. notice faa approved 56xfm-01 configuration aa u.s. 2-3. section ii - operating limitations model 560xl figure 2-1 center-of-gravity limits envelope graph The Caravan is a popular "step-up" plane for new commercial pilots, ... then your thread title is misleading. © 2020 Textron Aviation Inc. All rights reserved. Synopsis. Takeoff Shortly after take off, the pilot lost control of the aircraft and it crashed into a frozen lake. Cessna Caravan Aircraft manufactured by it, including factory installed aircraft equipment and ... conditions and limitations of liability as other items covered by this warranty. The Cessna Caravan influenced an entire category of utility turboprop aircraft. Ramp 8,785/3,985 Cruise Speed (10,000 ft) Cessna Denali; Maximum Range: 1,600 nm; Maximum Occupants: 8 - 11; Grand Caravan EX; Maximum Range: 912 nm; Maximum Occupants: 10 - 14; Cessna Caravan; Maximum Range: 1,070 nm; Maximum Occupants: 10 - 14; Cessna SkyCourier; Maximum Range: 900 nm; Maximum Occupants: N/A Includes takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and 45 min. Current production aircraft are: Caravan, Caravan Ambhibian, Grand Caravan EX, Super Cargomaster EX. Cram.com makes it easy to … INSTRUMENTATION SmartCockpit. ft/m 2,420/738, Landing S.L. Operators in the world’s most demanding environments immediately adopted the rugged, dependable turboprop and have been rewarded with unparalleled dispatch reliability. Max Take Off Weight: 19,367 Kg 42,696 lbs Max Landing Weight: Max Payload: 2,041 Kg 4,500 lbs Fuel Tank Capacity: 335 gallon 1,268 litre ft/m 1,795/547 Wing Loading lbs/sq ft 31.3,